ACIX [experimental electronics]


How do you think people compose?

They are lying to you about awaiting the inspiration, not sleeping for days and nights, consuming dozens of alcohol and drugs just to see the melody coming.

Well, all that might exist but it is not the rule!

Composers are the same people as all of us and the need to consume alcohol comes from the will to consume alcohol and not from the need to compose.

There is no sweet melody coming with the angel down to Earth to flash composer’s mind. There is just work, hard work.

Or no work and just lots of fun.

Or no fun and just work.

Or mostly one is lost and doesn’t see the difference.

The best inspiration is the deadline. deadline. deadline. that’s the best motivation and inspiration.

It’s amazing how productive one can be just because of the deadline. Suddenly the perspective of time changes completely and we see that every minute is precious.

We should have deadlines every day.

We would be extremely productive but extremely sick mentally.

everyone would have grey hair and wrinkles. or maybe no wrinkles and no grey hair.

all comes from stress but is deadline a lot of stress? or excitement?

or where is the difference between the stress and excitement and just hard work?

I mean, why does work have to be hard? Hard like what? like wood or a piece of metal? or what would it look like – soft work?

* I worked so soft today, and you?

* soft work didn’t work for me, I need to push things really hard.

Those dialogues are probably happening in a parallel universe. Where is the parallel universe?

everyone is sure that something is happening there but noone knows if that exists for real. Something is always happening.

Even in non-existing places something is happening. Because, why not?

Why not to be sure that action is everywhere?

Everywhere except composer’s working place – is it the office? A room one rents?

No for sure not it is always the kitchen, believe me. Nobody works elsewhere. It is always the kitchen. If that’s not kitchen, one part of the kitchen is transferred to the working space. S

o that some of the kitchen would still be there. Or not, I don’t really know. But I’m sure it is in the kitchen.

What does it mean for you to be a person? What does it mean for you to be a composer?

Is every person a composer or is every composer a person? Do you have to be a person to become a composer?

Have you tried not to be a person? Where is the bridge between a person and a composer? Which person are you talking about?

The one which is composing in the kitchen. Or is bringing a part of the kitchen to the room, when the person is composing.

Because it is always happening in the kitchen, isn’t it? What is happening in the kitchen? Everything is always happening in the kitchen, people live there. Everyone lives like that. Everyone sees the refrigerator more often than the beloved one. What if you don’t have a refrigerator? Is it possible not to have one? Is it possible to compose without the refrigerator? To live without the fridge?

To live without composing without the fridge? To compose without kitchen?

Nobody is working like that. Nobody is ACTUALLY working. Why do you have to work?

Why to work hard? Hard work is not bringing any fun, it’s just stressful. Stress is very dangerous for everyone, especially for composers.

Stress is a form of the excitement – composer is so excited when the inspiration comes. Inspiration is always a lot of stress and lots of excitement.

Inspiration doesn’t exist, it is just hard work. Hard work or soft work, which is lots of fun and excitement but also a lot of stress.

Which is also excitement but different.

Different, because it can disturb a lot or probably it can make you much more productive, like a lot more productive.

Your work can be as productive as it has never been and you could work so efficiently but without stress it is not possible. Like without deadlines, which always bring stress and excitement.

And lots of productivity of course.

And lots of inspiration.

Which is only hard work as the inspiration is only work which you do or don’t do if you don’t want to be inspired and excited by developing your work and seeing the results of the hard work?