United Instruments of Lucilin perform “Dabiski”
United Instruments of Lucilin perform “Dabiski”
15/06/2023 • 20:00
Gare du Nord, Schwarzwaldallee 200

«Bach & Present» is a programme of variable instrumentation performed by United Instruments of Lucilin (Luxembourg) , featuring the music of Johann Sebastian Bach alongside that of contemporary composers. The alternation of contemporary pieces selected by Lucilin (Toshio Hosokawa, Camille Kerger, Simon Steen-Andersen, Arturo Fuentes, Iannis Xenakis, Donnacha Dennehy and others) – and excerpts from the famous Goldberg Variations will be presented in a continuous concert.

With United Instruments of Lucilin:
André Pons-Valdès & Winnie Cheng (violin)
Danielle Hennicot (viola)
Jean-Philippe Martignoni (cello)
Pascal Meyer (piano)
Guy Frisch (drums)

J.S. Bach : Aria (piano)

Anna Meredith (UK *1978): Songs for the M8 - 1 (2005), for string quartet

J.S. Bach: Canone alla terza

Christopher Adler (US *1972): The Toy Robot's Mechanical Heart (2015) for toy piano and percussion

J.S. Bach: Canone alla sesta

Iannis Xenakis (FR/GR 1922-2001): Rebonds A (1987-89) for percussion solo

J.S. Bach: Canone alla quarta

Giacinto Scelsi (IT 1905-1988): Manto III (1957) for viola solo and voice 

J.S. Bach: Canone all'unisono

Asia Ahmetjanova (LV/HE *1992): Dabiski (2017) for string quartet

J.S. Bach: Canone alla nona

Donnacha Dennehy (IRL *1970): Bulb (2006) for violin, cello and piano

J.S. Bach : Variation XXV (piano)



60 minutes, no break